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  • Virtual visit to exhibitions in Russia and CIS countries

    If you need to attend a particular exhibition in Russia and CIS countries, but you cannot be present there physically, you can use our services and virtually visit it.

    Virtual participation in exhibitions includes:

    • Providing information about an exhibition and its participants;
    • Planning a visit to an exhibition;
    • Printing business cards and presentation materials of your company;
    • Providing official exhibition materials;
    • Visiting the exhibition displays of companies agreed in the specification and collecting materials from them;
    • Presenting your company to the participants of an exhibition: distribution of materials, exchange of business cards, answers to questions;
    • Sending the report on visiting an exhibition and all materials;
    • Photo and video shooting of exhibition displays, exhibits, collecting the necessary materials, etc.


    • Time saving;
    • Cost saving - personal visit of one exhibition is approximately equal to virtual visit of five exhibitions;
    • No risks (visa denial, coincidence with another event, etc.);
    • Highly qualified specialists speaking Russian, English, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian languages, permanently residing in Russia and CIS countries;
    • Established relationships with exhibition organizers

    Why we are special:

    • We provide comprehensive business support to our clients in Russia and CIS countries;
    • We are trusted by the Government of Moscow, Russian Railways, Donskoy Tabak, Euroset, ABC of Taste, Culinaryon, Tsentrosoyuz, Transmashholding, Moscow Center for International Cooperation, Domodedovo Airport, Tokyo and Machete Group and several hundreds of less popular but highly important companies;
    • We have numerous years of experience and expertise in the markets of these countries;
    • Our specialists are located in Russia and CIS countries, have a comprehensive understanding of the markets and personally know the largest distributors and manufacturers in most industries.
    • We have customized approach for each client. We will offer exactly the set of services that will be most useful to you so that you will not spend extra money and will be able to save your time.

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