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Russia will continue developing its great tourism potential
The new head of Rostourism, Zarina Doguzova, highlighted that as the Russian economy is improving, its tourism potential is exponentially increasing as well.
The Ministry of Finance will ease the control over foreign currency
Russians can be allowed to transfer money received from non-residents to accounts in foreign banks without any restrictions. The only condition for non-repatriation is that the bank must be located in a country belonging to the OECD
Russian exports to China exceeded imports for the second time in history
At the end of 2018, Russia became a net exporter in trade with China and this fact is supported by the statistics of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) published last week. Exports to China exceeded imports by $3.9 billion last
Russia changed the requirements pertaining to the procedures for opening and closing bank accounts
 The Central Bank has altered the requirements pertaining to the procedures for opening and closing bank accounts. According to the launched rules, the copies of documents requiring change in information on legal entity can
Russia will ease the requirements for returning foreign currency earnings for exporters
The government of the Russian Federation has approved a bill on the liberalization of currency legislation. In particular, the document eases the requirements for the return of foreign currency earnings for exporters.
Russia expends its presence on automobile market in Southeast Asia
The Russian government announced that GAZ Group is planning to set up a joint venture in Vietnam. It will become the first assembly plant of its holding in Southeast Asia. The company intends to start production of cars in cooperation
Russia is going to make the economy breakthrough
Les Echos, the French business newspaper, informed that Russia expects the first breakthrough in the balance of trade in the last eight years. The publication drew attention to the fact that the positive balance of trade that
The president of Russia supports short-term visa-free entry to the country
The president of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the proposal to apply the experience of short-term visa-free entry to various regions of the country. He announced this at "Business Russia" forum.
Export of Russian software is growing at a fast pace
According to preliminary data from the RusSoft association, in the year 2018, the volume of overseas sales of Russian software and related services exceeded $10 billion with a 19% increase from 2017. At the same time, the total income
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