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Work visas and work permits
Before a foreign national can work in Russia as an employee, both a work visa (except "visa-free” nationals) and a work permit must be obtained.
The recognition of foreign companies as Russian tax residents
Starting from 1 January 2015 a foreign organisation may be recognized as a Russian tax resident if, in particular, any of the following criteria are met.
Entering the Russian marketplace: opportunities for Asian countries
Russia pays heed to maintain diverse economic ties with the world, instead of focusing only on its neighbouring European markets.
Immediate opportunities for investments
Russia turns towards Asia for new trade flows.
Recent political and economic developments
 2014 stresses showed Russia the vulnerabilities of over reliance on one market bloc. Russia responded with 3 cohesive strategies, most notably in its pursuit of Asia.
Russia in figures
All important figures about Russia
Russia marks 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany with huge parade
Russia Victory Parade 2015. Russia marked 70 years since the victory over Nazi Germany on Saturday with a spectacular parade in Moscow featuring some 16,000 soldiers, 200 armored vehicles and 150 planes and helicopters.