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» » Russia in top 10 food exporters: myth or reality?
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  • Russia in top 10 food exporters: myth or reality?

    Dmitry Patrushev, the head of the agricultural department of the Ministry of Agriculture in Russia, reported that the country can get access to dozens of world exporters of agricultural products in the medium-term perspective.

    According to the minister, last year agricultural products were exported to several strategic markets. This list primarily includes China, Morocco, Japan, Singapore, Serbia and Turkey, as well as other countries. Thus, it is now possible for Russia to export marine products, honey, vegetable fodder to Morocco; meat and meat products to Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Kuwait. Russia has reached the agreement with China on the supply of poultry and dairy goods with express transportation via fast-moving cargo.

    In general, at the end of last year, exports of agricultural products from the Russian Federation increased significantly, including due to the increase in supply on existing grain markets. Moreover, an active growth is recorded in exports of fish and seafood, meat products, fat-and-oil products, food and processing industries. Last year, Russia exported agricultural products on the total sum of $25.9 billion.
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