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  • Business in Ukraine 2018-2019: TOP 12 Ideas

    We would like to suggest you 12 ideas for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine which can be implemented without significant investments. It's no secret that the main obstacle to starting a business is the lack of start-up capital, as well as the understanding of how a business is structured.


    This review includes 12 profitable business ideas that do not require huge investments or in-depth knowledge of an industry. At the same time, the demand for goods or services has become an important selection criterion. We have used the famous tool, Google Trends, to find out indicators of demand.


    1. Niche online store


    Creating an online store is probably the most popular way to try starting small and medium business.


    Nowadays, in most cases, the search for any product starts with a browser. That is why the creation of a niche online store is an opportunity to build a reliable and prosperous business.


    The advantage is that an online store can be run with minimal investment, and in some niches, competition is insignificant. However, before you start your own business, you should consider a few important nuances.


    To a large extent, the success of an online store depends on a niche you have chosen. Make sure you analyze the level of competition and the demand for the products you plan to sell. If there is a stable or growing demand in this niche, it means there will be guaranteed competitors. Examine their strengths and weaknesses before developing your own project.


    For example, Ukrainian online market is full of offers of various electronics, clothes and cosmetics. Over the past few years, about a dozen of large stores have firmly established themselves in the search results for each of those niches.


    Another nuance is that the development of an online store requires an understanding of the specifics of the products chosen for sale, including at least basic knowledge of online marketing. That will help you to significantly reduce the risks associated with running a small business.


    What you need for a start: developing a business model (to assess the project’s payback), launching an online store, purchasing a batch of goods or signing a partnership agreement for drop shipping.

    Time it takes to start: at least two weeks.

    Special requirements: knowledge of the product sold, an understanding of the basics of promoting an online store.


    2. Food delivery from restaurants


    In the USA and Europe, food delivery is one of the most popular areas for small and medium business development. Over the past few years, the number of pizza, rolls and other restaurant delivery services has noticeably increased in Ukraine. The demand in major Ukrainian cities continues to form supply.


    The main directions of development of small business in Ukraine is the delivery of food from cafes and restaurants, as well as the delivery of meals to offices. Nevertheless, this niche provides interesting options for the development of your own business.


    What you need for a start: contracts with suppliers (restaurants, cafes and bistros), contracts with couriers, launching website.

    Time it takes to start: at least two weeks.

    Special requirements: no


    3. Real estate agency


    A real estate rental agency is a good starting point for small and medium businesses. As villagers move to cities, the demand for long-term rental real estate is growing.


    Despite the fairly high level of competition in this niche, you can try operating within one price segment or even within one of the districts of your city.


    Modern technologies allow opening a real estate agency even without own office. The success of such a business primarily depends on the quality of the service provided and the reputation in the market.


    Having a database of apartment owners and proper advertising, you will reach the target audience without much effort comprises of students, couples and professionals who have moved to your city.


    What you need for a start: a database of apartment owners, platforms for posting ads (website + list of additional platforms to distribute information).

    Time it takes to start: at least 1 month.

    Special requirements: no.


    4. Franchise business


    Franchise business model can be much more profitable when starting own business than when launching an independent project.


    Franchise gives a starting entrepreneur a number of significant advantages: a quick start, a proven business model and a ready-made brand. The risk of unprofitability of such a business is much lower, because a brand owner also assesses the feasibility of the project payback in the location you choose.


    In Ukraine, there is a huge number of franchise offers. For example, "Shokoladnitsa” coffee shop, "Celentano” pizzeria, "Royal Carwash” network of dry car washes, the network of quest rooms, etc. Moreover, it is worth mentioning about the possibilities of franchising well-known European brands to sell clothing, household goods and other mass products.


    What you need for a start: a business plan, a franchise agreement, premises, start-up capital.

    Time it takes to start: at least 1 month.

    Special requirements: in most cases, experience in the chosen niche and market knowledge are required. Before launching, a team may be needed (personnel, subcontractors, etc.)


    5. Taxi service


    It can seem that it is already impossible to get into this market: in the major Ukrainian cities several business giants are fighting for the attention of customers. Nevertheless, you can take your niche in this area. Interest in taxi service continues to grow.


    Modern services are based on a partnership model with drivers. You do not need to have your own vehicles to start this business. You just need to have your own online platform or a smartphone application, set new quality standards and form a loyal audience to make this business very profitable.


    What you need for a start: the database of drivers, own platform (website and mobile application).

    Time it takes to start: at least 2 months.

    Special requirements: no


    6. Educational courses


    Quality education is one of the best investments in the modern world. A person with the right skills and knowledge will always find new opportunities for development and self-realization. Nowadays, the amount of information on the Internet is increasing so fast that not everyone even has time to properly filter it. In such conditions, educational courses start to play a special role.


    Staff is the most important component the success of this business depends on as this market needs professional teachers who know their subject. The abilities to explain complex topics in a comprehensive way are also of utmost importance. In addition, you need to take care of the methodology of the educational process not turn your courses into a simple set of master-classes.


    In Ukraine most popular courses include trainings in IT, foreign languages, finance, accounting, cosmetology, etc.


    What you need for a start: education, technology, Internet platform or website.

    Time it takes to start: at least 2 months.

    Special requirements: no.


    7. Coworking center


    As the popularity of creative professionals is growing, the interest in temporary workspaces, co-working centers, is also growing.


    In order to open a coworking center, it is not necessary to have own real estate. It is enough to find a suitable room for sublease and redecorate for a start.


    The advantage of co-working center is the possibility of short-term (from several hours to several months) office rent. Many such centers in large cities have already transformed into information and educational hubs. These centers also hold interactive sessions with interesting lecturers and future employees with intellectual quizzes, etc.


    As a result, people maintaining a friendly atmosphere become the main value of a co-working center. By developing such a business, you will remain in the center of the creative representatives of your city which of course will also influence the success of your business.


    What you need for a start: space, funds for redecorating and a powerful source of Wi-Fi, supporters among the creative representatives of the city.

    Time it takes to start: at least 3 months.

    Special requirements: it is desirable to have an understanding of how coworking centers work.


    8. Recruitment agency


    Finding a job is not an easy task while the selection of the right staff is also not an easy task. Even in the digital world filled with online services and platforms, the role of a recruiter remains important for both professionals and employers due to the need to conduct interviews to select the best workers.


    Recruitment agency is one of the options for launching a profitable small business. It is not necessary to have an office or capital to start it. It is enough to take a few requests for certain specialists in companies in your city and start searching for the right specialists. Over time you will have your own database of employers, people interested in jobs.


    One of the areas that is particularly popular in Ukraine is employment abroad as this niche often offers more interesting terms of payment. But to open such a business, you should know English, as well as some legal issues related to international agreements.


    What you need for a start: the database of employers and a website.

    Time it takes to start: at least 2 weeks.

    Special requirements: no.


    9. Sale of used electronics


    Selling used electronics is a trend that can also be used to start a profitable business. For example, it is much cheaper to buy a laptop, TV, or a washing machine brought from Europe. Low price and good quality generate demand among Ukrainians.


    To open a shop to sell used electronics, it is necessary to find several channels for acquiring electronics in Europe and options for its delivery to Ukraine. It is also important to independently check the entire product because it is no secret that some of it may be unsuitable for long-term use or has a significant damage.


    In order not to get into unpleasant situations with customers, it is better to set certain quality standards in the selection of electronics for sale.


    It is also desirable to have not only an online store, but also a physical representation in your city: many buyers would rather agree to purchase used goods only after thorough examination.


    What you need for a start: store-warehouse, representation, channels of transportation of goods, website.

    Time it takes to start: at least a month.

    Special requirements: it is necessary to understand the risks and possibilities of such a method of delivering electronics to Ukraine.


    10. Outdriving cars


    Most citizens of Ukraine still can’t afford to buy a car. Therefore, the scheme of acquiring a vehicle abroad has become so popular. The service of outdriving cars is not just about the delivery from point A to point B, it is a full-fledged help in purchasing, processing, delivering and, if necessary, servicing a car.


    The more information the business owner has, the faster the business will become profitable. To do this, you need to understand how to choose a car, how to settle formalities, what difficulties may arise, how to proceed with registration. Initially, you can engage in independent outdriving of cars in Ukraine, and then find several subcontractors in the future.


    What you need for a start: understanding the specifics of purchasing a car abroad, website, driver's license.

    Time it takes to start: at least 3 weeks.

    Special requirements: no.


    11. Home manicure


    Girls often start their business by opening a nail salon or doing a home manicure. Women have a better knowledge of the industry features as they are often the clients of beauty salons. Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in the demand for corresponding services, but at the same time competition is growing.


    Nevertheless, it is one of the few types of businesses in Ukraine, which has great prospects for business development. The barrier of entry is conditionally low, and permanent costs are associated only with the purchase of nail polish, decorative paints, gels and other consumables.


    What you need for a start: materials for working at home, accounts on social networks.

    Time it takes to start: at least 2 weeks

    Special requirements: practical skills.


    12. Hostel


    The popular trend among travelers has long come to Ukraine. Over the past few years, a huge number of hostels has been opened in the cities with the population of over one million.


    In order to start such a business from the very beginning, it is necessary to assess the potential demand in your city, as well as establish partnership relationships with local guides and travel agencies. The cost of living will not be very high but with the right positioning and advertising, you can get a huge flow of tourists. A good hostel can become very popular, and most likely those who have been there will recommend it.


    If you are interested in the tourist industry, and there is a demand for such services in your city, opening a hostel can be an excellent opportunity to start your own business.


    What you need for a start: living space with good interior design, website + several channels for distributing information (tour bureaus, guides, travel agencies in other cities, online platforms).

    Time it takes to start: at least 3 months.

    Special requirements: understanding the demand in your city.




    Proper business is always is always about the adequate estimation of risks. Starting business in Ukraine should be followed by evaluating your strength, capabilities, resources and interest.


    You do not need huge financial investments to implement most of these ideas. Unlike employment, own business, especially at the initial stage, requires considerable effort, consistency and maximum attention. This is the only way to compensate for the lack of assistants and additional resources.


    On the other hand, you have the opportunity to gain much more skills and knowledge when you develop your own business from the very beginning, as well as get loyal customers.


    In any case, it’s worth starting with additional research on the niche and creating your own website.
    If you are interested in doing business in Ukraine, please contact Russian Asian Business Union.
    Information source: "Актуальный бизнес в Украине 2018-2019: ТОП 12 идей"
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