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» » Cheap fuel and expensive passenger fare in Kiev
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  • Cheap fuel and expensive passenger fare in Kiev

    According to the State Statistics Service, the cost of fuel and oil fell by 0.3% over the past month. At the same time, transportation services went up by 3.1%, which is associated with a rise in the price of a passenger fare in urban public transport. If you take into account the statistics for the whole year from July 2017 to July 2018, the data reveals more information. The cost of fuel increased by 19.0%, and transportation services - by 21.2%.

    Currently, the average cost of fuel, i.e. A-95 gasoline, is about 29 UAH at the gas stations in the city of Kiev. If we compare the cost of 1 liter of gasoline to other countries, Ukraine is somewhere in the middle. The cheapest gasoline is in Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In Russia, the average price of fuel as indicated by the world-wide Numbeo data bank is 17.27 UAH. The cities where fuel ismost expensive are Hong Kong, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway and Greece at 51-56 UAH / liter.

    According to Kyevpastrans, the price of a travel card for public transportper month in Kiev starts from 390 UAH, or from 195 UAH for students. A travel card in Russia costs about 750 UAH per month, and as for Italy, Spain and France, the price ranges from 1 to 2 thousand UAH. The countries with the most expensive public transport are Ireland and Iceland, where the travel costs constitute more than 3000 UAH per month.

    Vitali Klichko, the mayor of Kiev, assured citizens that increased passenger fare willbring improvement to the city’s transport infrastructure and increase the salaries of employees of transport enterprises.
    Information source "В Киеве проезд дорожает, топливо дешевеет"
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