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» » Dmitry Medvedev: Further improvement of business climate in Russia is necessary
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  • Dmitry Medvedev: Further improvement of business climate in Russia is necessary

    The Prime Minister spoke about the achievements of the Russian economy and called for maximum digitization of the interaction between business and the state.


    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev considers it to be necessary to concentrate efforts on further improvement of business climate in Russia. He stated this at a plenary meeting of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, participated in the forum as well.


    "We know what to concentrate on. First of all, it is the development of stable and predictable rules of the game for business, increasing investments, and further - the improvement of business climate," - Dmitry Medvedev said.


    According to his speech, budget investments and, above all, investments in people resources need to be increased. The country needs high-tech medicine, modern education of world level, as well as high-quality roads, bridges, power networks, communications and production facilities.


    At the same time, Dmitry Medvedev believes: "Some budget money cannot promote the economy, so you need to stimulate commercial investment, create an attractive environment for investors."


    The state should provide investors with predictability of doing business, low inflation, transparent tariff policy, available credit resources, demand for products and understanding of the competitive landscape, and the availability of infrastructure.


    The Prime Minister also talked about the infrastructure mortgage program, which is planned to be launched. It will allow the state to invest in infrastructure in installments at the expense of borrowed funds. As a result, with the same level of investment, you can start building more sites.


    Also, the prime minister urged to digitize the interaction between business and the state as much as possible.


    "In recent years, we have accumulated a good experience of digitization of relations between a citizen and the state. It is obvious we have moved forward in this sphere. Thanks to the network of multifunctional centers and service portals, people simply save time and energy, and business is still forced to work mostly in the old way. This needs to be improved, and we need to achieve the maximum digitization of the interaction between business and the state. First of all, we should concentrate on those areas where there is a temptation to use administrative power in own interests in order to exclude any possibility of pressure on entrepreneurs," - Dmitry Medvedev said.


    The business climate largely depends on the control of the supervisory bodies. An entrepreneur should be prevented from excessive administrative custody and the reform of control over supervisory activities. The corresponding bill is in the process of approval in the State Duma. "Already, the controlling bodies are obliged to publish a list of requirements for those whom they check. The single register of inspections has been launched. We begin to measure the effectiveness of control not with penalties and sanctions, but basing on how the work is carried out to prevent violations," - the Prime Minister said.


    He also suggested switching over from the collection of reporting documents to the access to primary information. Nowadays, there are data that is directly transferred to government agencies, there are reports that duplicate each other, and some information on paper is often not used at all. As an example, Dmitry Medvedev noted the introduction of a cash management system: "We must begin building a national data management system based on Rosstat."


    Moreover, the Prime Minister spoke about the results of 2017: "Last year, there was a revival of investment activity and the economic situation as a whole. However, this is not enough. It is important that the inflow of investments not only ensures the work of traditional industries, but also leads to the emergence of new ones."


    He is sure that the structure of the economy should be as diverse as possible, and the ability to manage this structure must be improved. As for the current situation in the economy, Russia managed to ensure macroeconomic stability, said Dmitry Medvedev. Even under sanctions, the country's economy has become less dependent on external factors and on commodity prices.


    "We brought inflation to a record low level of 2.5 percent last year. In January, its indicator fell to 2.2 percent. We have a stable financial system and the exchange rate of the national currency, we have a balanced budget, and this year it may well become surplus, and we begin to accumulate funds in our sovereign fund. The dynamics of the gross domestic product has become positive," - the Prime Minister stressed.


    Dmitry Medvedev also mentioned the development of the regions: "Any city, any region has the potential of emerging opportunities and creating new places. To do this, we need to find the key for its development, prospective specialization, competitive advantage, find its specific image. The National Concept for Spatial Development for the period 2013-2025 should help.”


    According to his speech, the work on this strategy will be completed this year. It will determine the competitive advantages and prospective specializations for each Russian region.


    Information source: "Дмитрий Медведев: Необходимо дальнейшее улучшение бизнес-климата в России"
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