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  • Business Forum 2017 Promotion of Groundbreaking Russian Engineering and Solutions"

    11 December 2017 will go down as a significant date in the history of trade and economic relations between Russia and Singapore, as the Promotion of Groundbreaking Russian Engineering and Solutions business forum 2017 took place at Singapore’s Carlton Hotel. The forum was the centerpiece of a business mission to Singapore by a joint delegation from Rostec, the Moscow City Government, and a range of Russian companies, and showcased key Russian advances in the field of technology and innovation across a wide range of industry sectors.

    One of the event’s highlights was a round table session hosted by the Moscow City Government entitled Modern infrastructure as a driver of urban economy, focusing on the development of modern infrastructure as a principal stimulus for the overall development of major cities. The business forum was organized by the Russia Singapore Business Council, with support from the Russian Asian Business Union.

    The Russian delegation showcased high-priority projects from a wide range of fields, including urban infrastructure, smart cities, security, healthcare and education.

    The business forum’s plenary session was opened by Eg Kah Yee, Founder and Chairman of Key ASIC and United Crest Healthcare, and the Russian Federation’s Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore, Andrey Tatarinov.

    In his opening remarks, Eg Kah Yee observed that the event’s central objective was to showcase those companies among Russia’s main technology players who are looking for business partners in Singapore and the wider Pacific region. Mr Tatarinov in turn spoke about trade and economic relations between Russia and Singapore as a whole, pointing out that the year 2017 had been a particularly successful one: "Bilateral trade between our two countries has grown noticeably this year: Russian exports to Singapore have increased by 111%, and imports from Singapore by 43%. I very much hope that this year will see us exceed the figure of US$6m.”

    Professor Teck Seng Low, CEO of the Singapore National Research Foundation and professor at the National University of Singapore, gave a comprehensive overview of Singapore’s science, technology and research ecosystem.

    Sergey Cheremin, Minister and Director of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of the Moscow City Government, spoke about the history of cooperation between Moscow and Singapore since 2013, focusing in particular of the visits by official delegations to discuss collaboration in the fields of advanced technology, transport, education, technopark development, construction, healthcare, information security and economic growth as a whole.

    Oleg Bocharov, Russia’s Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, listed Russia’s latest achievements in the field of aerospace, stressed the importance of areas including instrument-building and microelectronics, and gave details on support for import-export transactions.

    Rostec’s General Director Sergey Chermezov spoke of his hope for fruitful cooperation between his own company and the companies of Singapore, recounting some of Rostec’s recent successes and joint Russian-Singaporean projects.

    Viktor Kladov, Rostec’s Director for Regional Policy, gave a short presentation on the history of Rostec and on its achievements over the 10 years since it was founded. The company’s main objective is the development and advancement of hi-tech industry and advanced manufacturing.

    Rostec’s Director for Special Commissions, Vasily Brovko, devoted his presentation to the digital economy, a new Russian federal programme in which Rostec is playing a central role.

    Sergey Pronin, Deputy Chairman of the Russia Singapore Business Council, gave a short presentation on the targets that the Council had set itself and which it planned to reach in cooperation with Singapore.

    Dr CaSey Chan and Christopher Go, founders of the company TWAN, showcased to assembled guests and others their presentation "Technoentrepreneurship 4.0. From engineering to breakthrough technologies.”

    The plenary session concluded with a lively discussion and question-answer session for the forum’s participants and speakers.

    The business forum’s second session was a round table hosted by the Moscow City Government in cooperation with Rostec and the Russia Singapore Business Council entitled Modern infrastructure as a driver of urban economy, and dedicated to the development of modern infrastructure as a principal source of impetus to the development of the world’s megapolises.

    The session moderator, Moscow City Government Minister Sergey Cheremin, observed that "Singapore, of course, is one of the best places in the world to look for new technology, particularly in the intellectual sphere, and as I have already said in the previous session, from the standpoint of the Moscow government it is of crucial importance that we fully understand the latest experience in this area, and how to properly share that experience: how we can ensure the sustainable development of our cities, make them secure and truly smart, because without that, there is no future.” Mr Cheremin also presented a vivid and colourful film about Moscow, and described the improvements made to Moscow’s urban infrastructure, particularly in such areas as transport, electronic government services, the development of the urban space, projects along the banks of the river Moskva, the creation of the financial centre, New Moscow and much more besides.

    The General Director of the "Kalibr” technopark, Sergey Sevastyanov gave a presentation on his technopark in Moscow and showed a short film about the project.

    Among the other speakers at the round table were Dr Tham Lai Leng, Executive Board Director of Meinhardt Infrastructure Group, Christopher Flannery, Deputy Director of the Swan & Maclaren architectural bureau, Sergey Pronin, Deputy Chairman of the Russia Singapore Business Council, and Vasily Brovko, Director for Special Commissions at Rostec. The ensuing discussion on smart cities was very intensive and interesting.

    The forum was crowned with perhaps the most significant event of all, the signing of a bilateral cooperation agreement between Moscow and Singapore.



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