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» » » Expansion of woodworking production in the territory of Khabarovsk Krai
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  • Expansion of woodworking production in the territory of Khabarovsk Krai
    The project assures the expansion of the woodworking enterprise in the territory of Khabarovsk Krai.

    Strengths of the project:

    - existence of own raw timber basis;

    - the state support (the project is included in the list of priorityinvestment projects in the field of woodworking industry by the orderof the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation No. 25of 18.01.2012);

    - the high level of demand for the company’s production in theforeign markets that is confirmed by the existence of long-term foreigntrade contracts on delivery of production for the markets ofEurope, Korea, Japan and China;

    - the project is in the active implementation phase.

    Current status of the project:

    - the technical park including all necessary logging, timber, road-building equipment, is updated and fully used into operational process;

    - more than 200 km of forest roads of year-round use, as well as 200 meter long bridge crossing the Nimelen river have beenconstructed;

    - railway tracks are put into operation;

    - the technical equipment is supplied by the leading global manufacturers –Springer Maschinenfabrik Ag (Austria), Prodesa Medioambiente Sl(Spain), Soderhamn Eriksson Ab (Sweden), Ledinek Maschinen UndAnlagen Gmbh (Austria), Valutec Ou (Finland), Bruks Klockner Gmbh(Germany), Microtec Srl/Gmbh (Italy) are completely installed and paid over;

    - spaces for the sorting line of the round wood are organized;

    - the sorting line for logs with the productivity of more thanmillion cubic meters a year, with the innovative X-ray scanner to determin internal defects of wood is put into operation(for the first time in Russia);

    - the software shop to production pellet is put into operation.

    Design capacity:

    - dry timber of 290 thousand cubic meters a year;

    - pro-thinned-out timber of 30 thousand cubic meters a year;

    - planed timber of 30 thousand cubic meters a year;

    - fuel granules of 84 thousand tons a year.


    The project is the integrated timber industryholding of the full stroke which performes the activities in severalregions of the Russian Federation.


    All products are successfully sold to buyers from Europe, Japan, Korea and China.


    Annual revenues of the company are about 3 billion rubles, in case of the improvement of design capacity therevenue will make 8 billion rubles.


    The necessary amount for the project implementation is $40 000 000.


    Efficiency indexes of the project are the following:

    - NPV (net discounted income) - 31 366 thousand rubles

    - IRR (internal norm of profitability) - 11,44%

    - PP (payback period) - 6,45 years

    - DPP (discounted payback period) - 9,97 years.
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