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» » » Deep-water versatile seaport in the Republic of Karelia
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  • Deep-water versatile seaport in the Republic of Karelia
    The project provides the development of versatile deep-water seaport in the Republic of Karelia.

    The main objective of the project is elimination of deficiency of export port capacities in the Russian northwest.

    Prerequisites of the project development:
    - Optimum arrangement of port, intersection of internal and international overland routes and waterways in large transport and logistic hub;
    - The remained infrastructure of fish port with ready moorings for heavy-tonnage vessels;
    - Close location to railway infrastructure of JSC "Russian Railways";
    - Year-round navigation (ice conducting during the winter period);
    - High qualification of port workers and employees from adjacent settlements;
    - Rather low cost of possession of the earth and natural resources in the region of the port location;
    - Steady increase in world consumption of coal, from 3 555, 0 MTOE in 2010 to 3 881, 8 MTOE in 2014 (BP Statistical Review of World Energy, 2011-2015);
    - Urgent need of existence of modern deep-water port in the Arctic basin of Russia that will allow refusing the transportation of coal trough the Baltic States.
    Stages of the project implementation:
    1. Preparatory stage:
    - Design and exploration of the scope;
    - Signing the contracts on supply of equipment, installation and construction works.
    2. Investment stage:
    - Dredging works;
    - Construction of facilities of sea trade port and the corresponding infrastructure;
    - Opening the port for vessels.
    3. Operational stage:
    - Adjustment of processing equipment;
    - Designing capacity to transfer freights;
    - Further development of the port.

    Key parameters of the project:
    1. First stage of the port:
    - The specialized coal terminal – 8 million tons per year;
    - A universal loading and unloading complex (forest and general freights) – 1 million tons per year;
    - A tourist complex to serve cruise liners;
    - Estimated cost – 14 011,54 million rubles (€198,3 million).
    2. Second stage of the port:
    - The specialized coal terminal – 7 million tons per year;
    - A universal loading and unloading complex – 1 million tons per year.

    Resources to implement the project:
    - Contracts of intent with coal suppliers - 10 million tons per year;
    - Contracts of intent with traders – 1,5 million tons per year;
    - Contract with a travel company;
    - The volume of the signed contracts for trasportation – €75,6 million.
    Transport availability of the project:
    - Northern Sea Route;
    - Belomoro-Baltiysky channel;
    - St. Petersburg-Murmansk federal highway; 
    - St. Petersburg-Murmansk railway road; 
    - West-East railway road is under the construction;
    - Gas pipeline of the Shtokman field.

    Financial performance of the project:
    - Annual revenue – €83 million;
    - EBITDA – €19,2 million;
    - A payback period – 8,5 – 10 years.
    The funds needed to finance the project is 38117,25 million rubles (€539,5 million).
    - Estimated cost at an investment stage of the project – 14011,54 million rubles (€198,3 million)
    - Reinvestments at an operational stage of the project to maintain the design capacity of the seaport – 24105,70 million rubles (€341,2 million).
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