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» » » » Solid-cast brick-built buildings, year built: from the middle of 90-es to present day.
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  • Solid-cast brick-built buildings, year built: from the middle of 90-es to present day.
    The overwhelming majority of modern brick-built buildings have monolithic foundation and so are solid-cast brick-built buildings. However real estate developers have a little "trick” – to call buildings as brick-built when the relative density of bricks in the building is rather high although it has monolithic frame and floor structure. It is left only to learn what the relative density of bricks in this building is.

    These buildings are quite good at their thermal and physical characteristics; they get cold slowly in winter and keep coolness in summer. Sound insulation between flats will depend on the materials used for interior and demising partition walls.

    While construction bricks or large-sized clay building tiles are used as material for exterior walls. Front ashlar bricks are used for finishing. Clay building tile is one of the most durable construction materials. As far as façade finishing of solid-cast brick-built buildings is concerned, its quality depends on the responsibility and workmanship of the developer so it can varies greatly. You can observe in Russian cities the following situation: the building was constructed a short time ago but its facade has already needed repairing.

    While engineering new buildings developers go farther and farther from standard series accommodation and create special design buildings. The number of floors in such buildings can be very high, exceeding 20 floors. The ceiling height can be up to 3.20 meters.

    Due to impossibility to re-locate the monolithic frame partitions, re-arrangement in a flat is possible only at the stage of construction.

    Advantages: all the advantages of brick-built buildings mentioned above.

    Disadvantages: only a big number of floors.

    Recommendation: the flats in the buildings of this series are so diverse and individual that you don’t need to hesitate if the building is new and the flat arrangement and its quality are suitable for you. At present it is the best bargain on the real estate market of standard series buildings.
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