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» » » » Special design buildings, year built: 70-es – present days.
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  • Special design buildings, year built: 70-es – present days.
    Non-standard series buildings specially designed and built differ greatly with their outside view peculiarity from similar buildings of residential urbanized areas. As far as the interior arrangement is concerned, the method of its construction was completely diverse at different periods.

    In 70-80es 9-12 storey brick-built buildings were made in limited editions (or individually) at the expense of cooperative housing societies.They were constructed isolated in the cities where there was no possibility to raise a large urbanized area. Their arrangement was similar to the one of standard series buildings of that time, just small modifications were made. They are slightly different with respect to architecture; in most of them the administration is still exercised by cooperative associations; buildings are rather clean and well-attended.

    At present the initiators of special design buildings construction are mostly private individuals and companies which possess urban areas. The imagination of the customer is not limited by any factors except financial matter. That is why you can observe both new private houses and low-rise new constructions of 3-5 stories in the central city districts.

    Advantages and disadvantages of this type of buildings can’t be described overall as it is necessary to proceed from the particular construction site. As this is non-standard series buildings, there are no common characteristics for estimation of these buildings.
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