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The president of Russia supports short-term visa-free entry to the country
The president of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the proposal to apply the experience of short-term visa-free entry to various regions of the country. He announced this at "Business Russia" forum.
Foreign personnel: employment restrictions
The regulation of employing foreign employees is based on imposing certain rules with respect to each category of foreign citizen.
Russian employment law applies to all employment relationships in Russia, including those involving Russian nationals, foreign nationals, stateless persons, international organisations, and Russian and foreign legal entities.
Work visas and work permits
Before a foreign national can work in Russia as an employee, both a work visa (except "visa-free” nationals) and a work permit must be obtained.
The types of invitations to Russia.
You need an invitation* to get the Russian visa. The invitation is issued by the inviting party in the Russian Federation
Getting an invitation to Russia.
Do you want to invite a foreign citizen to Russia?
Migration card
Migration card is a document which contains the data on the foreign citizen entering the Russian Federation and serves to control this citizen’s staying in Russia.
Visa refusal
Visa refusal
Visa processing
To enter the Russian Federation a foreign citizen must present a valid identity document which is validated in this quality by the Russian Federation and the visa if other entry procedure is not established by the international
The required documents
Each type of visa requires the definite package of documents without which the visa can’t be issued.