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Ukraine expect salary increase in 2019
People should not despair if the owners of companies talk about the lack of money and savings. In 2019, they should expect an increase in wages in all sectors of the economy. According to the recruiters, the employees of agricultural
Business in Ukraine 2018-2019: TOP 12 Ideas
We would like to suggest you 12 ideas for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine which can be implemented without significant investments. It's no secret that the main obstacle to starting a business is the lack of start-up
"New opportunities" for supplying Ukrainian meat to China
  Vladimir Lapa, the head of the State Consumer Protection Service, signed the memorandum of understanding between the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China and the State Service of Ukraine on food
Eliminating all restrictions on foreign currency transactions in Ukraine
  Verkhovna Rada enacted the law on foreign currency in the second reading with 228 members voted for its approval. The document liberalizes foreign exchange operations in Ukraine.