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  • Due Diligence

    It is crucial to be sure 100% in your business partner. That is why due diligence  became a necessity for clearer understanding of the business parties you deal with.


    CIS countries and Georgia*


    General information:

    Company’s name, legal form, telephone numbers, email, foundation date, economic activity.

    Risk assessment:

    Risk indicators, D&B rating, credit, and authorized capital.


    Links between companies and individuals.

    Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) rating:

    D&B Rating consists of two parts - financial stability indicator and risk indicator.

    For example: If a company's rating is "2A” – it means the financial stability; in case of "4” – it is an indicator of risk.

    The risk indicator is used in conjunction with the financial stability indicator. The risk indicator reflects D&B's opinion on the risk associated with trading with a particular company, specifically the probability of continuation or bankruptcy of the company in the next 12 months.


    420 USD



    Company search – precise identification of the target.

    Risk factors - preliminary assessment of more than 20 risk factors, making it possible to assess the reliability of counterparties.

    Verification of power of attorney - verification of the details of a notarized document drawn up on a standard form.

    Negative lists - indication if a company has been included in any official negative lists.

    Company filings with the Federal Tax Service - notification if companies or individuals intend to change their addresses or make alterations to directorships or charter capital.

    Risk assessment - analysis of a company and assessment of its integrity.

    Search for affiliations - search for links between companies and individuals by ownership, telephone numbers or address.

    Pledged company assets –official lists of company assets, including their holders and pledge status.

    Bankruptcies – latest information about upcoming bankruptcies and filings with the Federal Tax Service regarding liquidations and reorganizations.

    Credit history - credit histories of individuals and legal entities.

    Unified State Register of Legal Entities – review of extracts from Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

    Company vacancies - latest information about vacancies: find out what a company does and how active it is on the market.

    Reports on companies - summaries and complete reports on companies: just the main facts or detailed analytical reports with financial results, material events and more.

    Media reports and public information - over 20,000 newspapers, magazines, news agencies, websites and blogs from Russia and the CIS offering reports on companies and their directors to assess reputational risk.

    Arbitration cases and enforcement actions by the Federal Bailiff Service - latest information about company’s existing enforcement proceedings and litigation.

    COST 2150 USD


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