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  • The Year of Entrepreneurship in Russia
    The Year of Entrepreneurship in Russia is to be held in 2020 as a part of "Small and Medium-Sized Business and Support for Individual Initiatives" national project. This is stated in the draft of "On the Year of Entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation" presidential decree, published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

    "This event will allow for systematic work to popularize entrepreneurial activity among population, especially young people, to create a unified information environment for Russian entrepreneurs, to give impetus to actively promote companies to foreign markets," - the document states.

    In 2019, sociological research will be conducted as part of the preparatory phase at the federal level. Its aim is to identify citizens' interest in doing business. Also, a number of information campaigns will be implemented to create a favorable image of entrepreneurship and to stimulate interest in the implementation of entrepreneurial activities, including the encouragement of self-employed to get out of the "shadow".

    In the framework of sociological research and in-depth interviews during the first year, it is planned to identify all the key inquiries of entrepreneurs and people who want to start their own business, as well as challenging aspects for the development of the business sphere. "Understanding the problems of Russian business will help to offer solutions to many issues," - the document states.

    At the same time, the draft decree also provides for the formation of an organizing committee and the approval of a plan for the main activities for holding the Year of Entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation.
    Please contact Russian Asian Business Union, if you are interested in doing business in Russia.

    Information source: "В России хотят объявить 2020 Годом предпринимательства"
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