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  • Korea Brand Expo 2019
    Korea Brand Expo, hosted by Lotte Home Shopping with the support of Russian Asian Business Union is to bring Korean exporters and overseas importers together

    in order to enlarge the trade volume of consumer goods between two countries.

    Started from 2016, it has been travelling around the world and recording successful business outcomes.

    Last year, it was organized in Thailand and Australia, and this year it is to be held in Moscow from May 23 (Thu) to 24 (Fri) at World Trade Center in Moscow.

    The 55 Korean companies participating in this event are well acknowledged in Korea, and their products are popular amongst the general public.

    The event will be composed of 2 parts: B2B session for hosted trade buyers and B2C for general visitors.

    For B2C events, we are going to host K-Makeup Show, K-Star Signing Event, K-Pop Performance so that everyone can come and enjoy.

    Korea Brand Expo 2019
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