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» » Export of Russian software is growing at a fast pace
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  • Export of Russian software is growing at a fast pace

    According to preliminary data from the RusSoft association, in the year 2018, the volume of overseas sales of Russian software and related services exceeded $10 billion with a 19% increase from 2017. At the same time, the total income of domestic software developers grew by 18% to almost $17 billion.


    Export of IT-products amounted to $4.7 billion while sales on domestic market brought in only $4.1 billion. Moreover, export had been growing faster by 14% comparing to 8% of domestic sales. Thus, Russian IT services are much more in demand abroad than on domestic market. The main customers for Russian software and services are from Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.


    In the middle of 2018, the export of high-tech services exceeded import for the first time in Russian history. The growth is associated with promotion of IT services by domestic companies in foreign markets, as well as with the implementation of the import substitution program. In addition, the Russian concept of "Smart City" is being promoted in the global markets.


    Domestic companies can use online platform to establish or simplify the process of exporting goods and services. All they need to do to start trading with foreign partners is to register at the platform as a supplier and upload their products to the catalog.


    Information source: "Экспорт отечественного софта растет ударными темпами”

    Export of Russian software is growing at a fast pace
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