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  • Work permit in Indonesia

    Russian Asian Business Union helps to establish and legalize documents in accordance with Indonesian Laws.


    The process of obtaining a work visa takes on average about 1.5 to 2 months and consists of several stages:


    First, Jakarta approves RPTKA which is the plan of using foreign labor and the determination of its duration.

    Next, you should pay the tax at the rate of 100 USD per month, after which they issue IMTA work permit and a special TELEX document for obtaining a work visa.

    TELEX is ordered in advance from a specific embassy or consulate in Indonesia and must be confirmed by the head office of the Indonesian Immigration Service in Jakarta.

    The process of preparing and confirming TELEX takes 10 business days.



    ●      Copy of the company’s SIUP license

    ●      Copy of the company’s NPWP tax number

    ●      Copy of SKTU

    ●      Copy of TDP

    ●      Copy of ACT NOTARY

    ●      Copy of the employment contract with the applicant

    ●      Copy of KTP Director’s ID

    ●      10 company’s letterheads with the seal and signature of the director


    ●      Color scanned copies of all pages of the passport, the expiration date should be at least in 18 months;

    ●      CV in English;

    ●      Graduate diploma.


    To obtain a work permit, you must provide the following documents to the Embassy of Indonesia:

    ●      Passport valid for at least 18 months at the time of entry into Indonesia

    ●      Copy of passport homepage

    ●      Copy of the page with a stamp on entry into the country where you receive the permit

    ●      Questionnaire (filled in on-site)

    ●      2 color photos on a light background for documents

    ●      TELEX confirmed in Jakarta

    ●      Ticket to Indonesia

    ●      Visa fee

    The visa fee is paid in the currency of the country where the embassy or consulate of Indonesia is located and costs approximiately 105 USD.

    The list of documents in different Indonesian embassies and consulates may differ, check the details with us.

    The permit issued on the basis of the documents mentioned above is called VITAS. After the applicant enters Indonesia, he / she must convert VITAS to ITAS | Izin Tinggal Terbatas (a temporary resident permit) at the local immigration office. You should apply for MERP which is the permit for multiple entry-exit and receive a KITAS card | Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas.


    After entering the territory of Indonesia, it is necessary submit the following documents within 7 days for processing the MERP permit and the KITAS card:

    ●      Passport

    ●      One color photo on a red background in e-format

    Costs for registration:

    Paperwork for obtaining a working visa – 500 USD

    Permission to multiple entry and exit for 6 months – 200 USD

    Permission to multiple entry and exit for 12 months – 220 USD

    Extension of KITAS work permit – 600 USD

    Semi-annual KITAS closing – 80 USD

    Annual KITAS closing – USD 100


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