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  • Moscow Economic Conference in Seoul, South Korea

    The Moscow Government held the Moscow Economic Conference within the framework of the Days of Economy of Moscow at the JW Marriott Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on the 30th of November 2018.

    Alexey Bondaruk from the Moscow Government, presented the investment opportunities at the Russian capital at the opening ceremony of the conference. In his speech, he told about the improvement of the metropolitan urban environment in recent years, and, as a result, the increased attractiveness of the metropolis for foreign business and investment. The Moscow government is constantly working to establish an international dialogue with other metropolises to help increase confidence for Moscow’s image and role an important business partner in the Asian market.

    Tatiana Sheremetieva, CEO of the Russian Asian Business Union (RABU), highlighted the prospects for business cooperation between Russia and South Korea. "Russia is the largest domestic market and the second market among the BRICS countries. Russia is now actively cooperating in both import and export,” Tatiana Sheremetieva said in her speech, emphasizing Russian-Asian business relations. She also spoke about the support that the RABU can offer to Russian businesses in Asia and to Asian businesses in the Russian market.


    Nowadays RABU is an investment platform that optimizes the contact between an investor and a project. RABU is about more than 100 investors, 5,000 proven projects, 30 industries, 15 countries, with investments ranging from 50,000 to 200 million USD. A wise and profitable idea would be to invest in startups, thus, Startup City Conference & Awards event will be held for this purpose in May 2019. She recalled that now a start-up competition is being held within the framework of the Startup City Conference & Awards where companies or business owners can take part for free to potentially win a trip to Singapore. The winners will have the opportunity to present their own projects personally to investors over lunch. The South Korean partners were very interested in those proposals, and so their business projects will be presented in Singapore in May.

    Sergey Pronin, Deputy Chairman of the Russia Singapore Business Council, and Viboon Chaojirapant, VCargoCloud Director of Product Development, spoke about the development of e-commerce tools. Kirill Solntsev, the Head of foreign affairs and marketing at the Russia Singapore Business Council, and Winnie Teo, the Head of the Center for Foreign Promotion of High-Tech Companies in Singapore, devoted their presentation to Singapore as a point of presence for the promotion of Russian technologies in the countries of Southeast and East Asia. Anton Stelmachonok, the Head of projects for Asian countries at the International Cooperation & Regional Policy Department of state corporation "Rostec”, outlined prospects for promoting high-tech Russian products to East Asian markets. He focused attention on expanding the Corporation’s attention to exports, which is associated with the implementation of Rostec’s Development Strategy and its desire to become one of the global leaders of the innovation industry. Hwy-Chang Moon, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, GSIS, Seoul National University, Chair Professor, Seoul Business School, aSSIST spoke about the new paradigm for attracting foreign direct investment.

    "As you all know, Russian-Korean cooperation has continued for several centuries. But its most intensive period has been to be the last 27 years. Over the last 27 years, the presidents of our countries have met more than 30 times. At the moment, South Korea is the second largest trading partner of Russia in the Asian region after China", Tatiana Sheremetieva summarized towards the end of the meeting. The conference and the reports of the participants aroused keen interest among Korean partners. For the Russian enterprises, including those based in Moscow, the conference provided additional opportunities to expand international cooperation with South Korea which is one of the leaders of innovative development.




    Alexey Bondaruk - Investment Potential of Moscow (Korean)

    Sergey Pronin - Information and Service E-Platform RSTrade (English)

    Sergey Pronin - Information and Service E-Platform RSTrade (Korean)

    Viboon Chaojirapant - Simplifying Global Trade (English)

    Kirill Solntsev and Winnie Teo - Singapore as a point of presence for the promotion of Russian technology in Southeast and East Asia (Korean)

    Anton Stelmachonok - Prospects for the promotion of Russian high-tech products to the markets of East Asia (English)

    Hwy-Chang Moon - A new paradigm for attracting foreign direct investment (Korean)

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