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» » Ukraine expect salary increase in 2019
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  • Ukraine expect salary increase in 2019

    People should not despair if the owners of companies talk about the lack of money and savings. In 2019, they should expect an increase in wages in all sectors of the economy. According to the recruiters, the employees of agricultural and medical sectors will benefit the most.

    "There is a very high demand for agricultural specialists from agricultural holdings, and next year they plan to actively attract workers. Average salaries in the industry can reach UAH20-25 thousand," Ekaterina Krivoruchenko, a specialist at the CenterHunter, predicted.

    This 63% salary increase will become the record of recent years. In 2018, the average salary in agricultural and food industries has increased twice. According to at, it exceeded UAH15 thousand and got became equal to the salaries in transport and procurement industries.

    There is a similar situation with medicine as there are inadequate specialists. The increase in salary will be a factor to attract more medical specialists to Ukraine. According to the forecasts made for salary increase in 2019, the most pessimistic is at 44% and the most optimistic is at 60%. According to calculations of Ekaterina Krivoruchenko, the average income of a white-collar specialist will reach UAH18-20 thousand which excludes private medicine sector  where the maximum income will be much higher. The salary of many experienced and knowledgeable specialists will exceed UAH50 thousand. These doctors not only guarantee qualified medical care, but also provide clinics with a flow of patients. It’s no secret that clients are ready to follow sensible doctors to almost any medical institution, withholding average prices for their services.

    At the same time, according to HR-expert Tatyana Pashkina, the demand for high skilled and specialized workers will remain steadily high including plumbers, electricians, equipment specialists, and engineers. According to her presentation, next year their average salaries will be fixed at UAH17 thousand.

    The reasons for the growth of wages are similar in many industries:

    – The growth of labor migration abroad;

    – The rise in the cost of living in Ukraine which exceeds the official inflation index: the increase in utility tariffs, the cost of travel in public transport, the price of goods;

    – Increased staff turnover. People are ready to quit out of "nowhere", and look for a more profitable workplace;

    – Extremely heavy workloads of personnel who cannot cope with the existing tasks, making more and more mistakes;

    – Lack of competent staff and increasing competition between companies. They began to aggressively hire valuable personnel to work;

    – The emergence of new business niches that promise additional earnings for companies. New teams are being quickly formed for new projects and directions.

    "In 2019, the salaries of top managers who are the highest paid specialists can grow by another 20-25%. It is unlikely that they will be below the equivalent of $1000 (or UAH28 thousand). At the same time, everyone understands that "informal” salaries can be calculated in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine are gradually tightening the salaries of top managers to the European level,” Tatiana Nikitovich, the head of Smart Solutions HR-provider, said.

    It is expected that the process of salary revision will be launched from March-April, and in most cases will take another 2-3 months.


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