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  • Top-10 promising startups in Belorussia

    We would like to introduce you to the top 10 promising startups in Belorussia, rated by "” newsletter.


    1. MSQRD

    This application allows the user to apply a variety of effects to their face that includes makeup, mustache, emotions. For example, you can "try on” the face or looks of famous people.


    Sergey Gonchar and Evgeny Zatepyakin are engaged in the algorithm of face tracking technology. Evgeny Nevgen is the developer of the business strategy. Yuri Gursky is among the project’s mentors. At the end of 2015, MSQRD was announced on Product Hunt - one of the largest startup aggregator sites in Silicon Valley. Leading venture investors are searching for promising projects on Product Hunt.


    By the beginning of 2016, 1 million+ users had downloaded the app. The project creators do not allocate funds for its promotion. The app is spreading virally, mostly thanks to opinion leaders, who post their images, modified through MSQRD, on social networks.


    The application has been developed for the iOS platform and the Android version is in process.


    2. SplitMetrics

    SplitMetricsprovides IT services that increase the conversion of mobile applications (for example, allows A / B testing of application descriptions, previewing screenshots, videos and other factors that affect user's decision to install).


    The startup was founded by Evgeny Nevgen and Maxim Kamenkov. Project mentors include Yuri Gursky and Mikita Mikado (the co-founder of PandaDoc and Quote Roller startups).


    In the summer of 2015, the startup attract

    ed investments from Embria Ventures venture fund. According to experts, the amount of investment could be up to several hundred thousand dollars. Preliminary valuation of the company is at $3 million.


    Late last year, Yevgeny Nevgen announced that the company was planning to open offices in San Francisco and Beijing.


    3. DublDom

    This company deals with designing and manufacturing turnkey modular homes. This startup Belarusian factory was launched in March 2015.


    In 2015, Vitaly Nikulenko, the co-founder of the startup, estimated the capacity of the modular home market in Belorussia at $2 million. According to his opinion, in 5 years it will grow 10-12 times.

    One of the competitive advantages of modular homes is the time it takes to build them as the average duration is six months.


    Experts have contradictory opinions on the project as two of them consider it to be a promising startup.



    This service helps to simultaneously publish posts on several popular social networks, as well as on several local social networks. It is popular in India and China.


    In the summer of 2015, was announced on the main page of Product Hunt. Less than a day after the announcement, the number of users has increased significantly. The project’s CEO is Alexander Lomachenko.


    5. MeetnGreetMe

    This website allows tourists to sign contract with local residents before visiting any country to hire them as personal assistants. Such personal assistants execute instructions from the tourists (renting a car, booking a restaurant, etc.) and receive rewards for it.


    Like the other two projects from the rating, in August 2015, the startup hit the main page of Product Hunt.

    Now the service is available in 17 countries, but its functionality and capabilities are still being improved.

    Elena Shkarubo is the founder and head of the startup.


    6. Onourcloud

    This online service searches for celebrity data and helps optimize touring schedules. Thus, companies that operate in the field of entertainment can organize tours & performances faster and at lower cost.


    Oleg Tikhonov is the author of the project. At the end of December, his idea won "Startup of the Year 2015” competition.


    7. Zive (R-NOX startup)

    This is a radiation dosimeter that synchronizes with a smartphone to transmit data and creates maps of radioactive zones.


    The target audience includes not only individuals, but also forestry and nuclear power plants.

    Vadim Radziwill is the product creator and the startup manager.

    Now about 10 people work in R-NOX team. Offices are located in Minsk and Vilnius and they have employees from Ukraine and Germany who work remotely.


    8. Alta

    This is a mobile assistant that connects to Telegram messenger and helps its users solve personal financial issues. It shares information about banks' offers & exchange rates and helps choose loans and deposits, etc. The technology uses artificial intelligence. Some of the information is collected from the banks automatically.


    Pavel Litvinko who is BSUIR student pioneered the idea. The technology is still working in test mode. They plan to create a separate application. In the future, developers are planning to monetize the service by increasing the types of services with banks (for example, integrating with Internet banking).


    9. School of Robotics

    This startup organizes training courses in robotics for children. The training is based on Lego development and technologies. Now, the School of Robotics has 7 educational centers in Minsk.


    10. World of mech

    It is a fun virtual designer tool for children. A child can create a model of a mechanism(robot) online with virtual parts. Parents can then order the delivery of these parts in order to assemble the model.


    Dmitry Fedorov is the author of the idea.


    Information source: "Топ-10 перспективных стартапов в Беларуси”

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