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» » "New opportunities" for supplying Ukrainian meat to China
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  • "New opportunities" for supplying Ukrainian meat to China

    Vladimir Lapa, the head of the State Consumer Protection Service, signed the memorandum of understanding between the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China and the State Service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection on cooperation and promotion of mutual trade with poultry meat between Ukraine and China.

    According to Lapa, this agreement "will help to widen the types of imported and exported goods." "This memorandum will open new opportunities for diversifying the market for Ukrainian poultry meat, improving the competitiveness of Ukrainian food products in world markets, which will positively affect the image of Ukraine as a reliable trading partner and will contribute to the development of the state's economy," - the official said. At the same time, the department does not describe exactly what assistance will be provided for widening the types of imports / exports.

    Perhaps, it is the issue of increasing the quality bar of exported meat and expecting benchmarks reports. The department provides the following comment on this issue: "It will ensure mutual exchange of information, documentation, results of achievements on the control of poultry quality and prevention of poultry diseases and risk assessment and negotiations on control and sanitary requirements are necessary for the sale of poultry meat."

    Information source: "Госпродпотребслужба рассказала о "новых возможностях" для сбыта украинского мяса в Китай”

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