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» » Teachers from Moscow region will be trained by Singaporean methodology
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  • Teachers from Moscow region will be trained by Singaporean methodology

    On February 22, 2018, the Agreement on Cooperation in Education was signed between the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region and Educare International Consultancy (Republic of Singapore).


    The agreement signed by the Minister of Education of the Moscow region Marina Zakharova and the chairman of the board of EDUCARE INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PTE LTD, Mike Tiruman, regulates joint meetings, consultations, information exchange in the sphere of education.


    The Regional Ministry of Education started cooperation with the representatives of Singapore education system last October, when the Secretary General of the Union of Teachers of Singapore, Chairman of the Board of EDUCARE INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PTE LTD, Mike Tiruman, attended one of the seminars for directors of Moscow region schools. Since last year, there have been training seminars for school headmasters, senior teachers and teachers in Moscow region, initiated by the governor of Moscow region A. Yu. Vorobyov.


    The foreign speaker held an author's seminar, where headmasters from Moscow region learned how to conduct lessons in the 21st century. "For the qualitative assimilation of information, children need interactivity, involvement in the process," - this is one of Mike Thiruman's main recommendations.


    Cooperation continued this year - more than 250 people were trained - school headmasters, teachers, and methodologists. The participants learn to work in a team, work for results, improve their professional competence.


    The program of professional development of headmasters and teachers of Moscow region schools is designed to teach teamwork, which will help the development of pedagogical teams in the schools of the region, and also bring the schools of Moscow region to a new level.


    Within the framework of the Agreement, the experience of Singapore's educational system will be distributed in schools of Moscow region by teachers-trainers, prepared by Educare International Consultancy.


    From February 23 to February 28, 2018, Royal Gymnasium No.11 will host a training of a group of teachers, where they will become certified Educare trainers in Moscow region and share their knowledge with all the teachers of Moscow region.


    "We often hear about leading position of Singapore education system, so I'm glad that an agreement has been signed with our foreign colleagues. As the part of the agreement, the best trainers in Singapore will share their knowledge and experience with Moscow teachers. I often say that a teacher is not the one who teaches, but the one who learns, so we all need to constantly engage in development and education. Thanks to this agreement, Moscow teachers learn the latest trends in the world education system,” - Marina Zakharova, Minister of Education of Moscow Region.

    Information source: «Подмосковных учителей обучат по сингапурской методике»

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