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  • Doing Business in Russia Seminar Report

    On April 13, 2018 Doing business in Russia and CIS countries seminar was held in Ocean Financial Centre in Singapore. It was organized by Russian Asian Business Union (RABU).

    Tatiana Sheremetieva, CEO of RABU and BBC World News expert gave an overview of former Soviet Union, CIS countries and Russia:

    "If you want to understand Russia, you need to remember that Russia is a heiress of Soviet Union - the country, which existed for almost 69 years, occupied the territory of 22,400,000 square kilometres, which made Soviet Union the largest state in the world. The country had the longest  border in the world (over 60,000 km) and bordered Norway, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, North Korea, Japan and the United States. Overall there were more than 200 languages and dialects spoken with Russian as the main language. Nowadays Russia is a purely unique country with amazing nature resources, diversity of cultures, languages and nationalities, crossroad between Europe, Middle East and Asia.”

    Tatiana has also described the current economical and political situation in Russia, as well as its business environment.

    The topic of the presentation of Olga Kolmykova, Head of International Trade, RABU was Due diligence of Russian companies & suppliers. She shared the statistics about corporate debts and several websites, which help you to check your counterparts.

    Polina Katsevman, Head of Investment, RABU told the audience about Foreign Direct Investment to Russia:

    "The economy of the CIS countries has been recovering still  and the process of rehab continues. The economy of Russia requires changes at the state level to improve investment climate and fix a reputation.

    In Russia, mainly foreign investments are focused on infrastructure, technology, agriculture, the construction of toll roads, ports and airports. "

    After the presentation the speakers answered the questions from guests, which happened to be the reason of an interesting discussion and networking.

    We would like to organise this kind of seminars regularly, so please feel free to reach us at if you are interested in attending or speaking. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions about the topics and format of the future seminars.



    1. Tatiana Sheremetieva, CEO, RABU: Doing business in Russia and CIS countries

    2. Olga Kolmykova, Head of International Trade, RABU: Due diligence of Russian companies & suppliers

    3. Polina Katsevman, Project Manager, Investment, RABU: FDI investments to Russia



    1. Development of production of meat of a turkey in Tula region

    2. Project summary creating a zero terminal on the territory of Primorsky

    3. Summary of the project Khabarovsk steel works

    4. Summary of the project White Sea seaport

    5. The project Deep processing of wheat in the territory of Kursk region

    6. The summary of the Construction of the Plant on Deep Processing of Soy project in the territory of the Tyumen region

    7. The summary of the Expansion of the Woodworking Enterprise project in Khabarovsk Krai

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