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» » The government of Moscow explores the ideas and experience of Singapore’s education system
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  • The government of Moscow explores the ideas and experience of Singapore’s education system

    Representatives from the Ministry of Education of Russia and Ministry of Education of Singapore gathered together to actively discuss, debate and exchange ideas and experience pertaining to the education system in both countries from February 28 to March 1 2017.


    Russia was represented by S. S. Kravtsov, head of Federal service of theRussian Federation, along with the staff of the Ministry of Education of Russia and directors of the leading schools of Moscow. Representatives from Singapore Examinations Assessment Boardhad also participated in these meetings.


    The Russian representatives highly praised and appreciated the achievements and standards of the Ministry of Education of Singapore.


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    During these meetings, special attention was paid to quality and types of educational and teaching techniques and examinations at each step of the educational processes, standards and levels, the main criteria of drawing up ratings for educational institutions and the development of special training programs for underachievers and exceptional performers.


    The importance of informatization of schools, use of the new training programs, the factors influencing growth and level of quality of education in Russia and Singapore were also discussed.


    The Russian representatives visited one of the top public schools for boys, Raffles Institution and Dunman High which is a mixed public school. At these schools, there were further on site discussions with the administrative and teaching staff and pupils. Issues concerning the organizational work process of Russian schools and the outcomes and results of activities of Singaporean comprehensive schools were discussed.


    Experts in the field of education gave an objective assessment to quality of today's education in both Singapore and Russia.


    The major factors influencing improvement of quality of extent of education at school was addressed. Views regarding the salary level of teachers in comparison with the level of the average salary in Russia and Singapore were exchanged. A constructive assessment was given regarding the rates for advanced training of teachers and assessment level of personnel activities at schools.

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    The Singaporean colleagues shared the achievements of off-budget activities at schools, answered questions regarding professional profile education, explained how electronic resources and innovative equipment are used in educational process.


    Both parties highly appreciated the quality of the acquired information and are ready to commit to a long-term of productive cooperation and experience exchange.


    Let us applaud for the fact that this trip became possible due to the decisions made at the International conference on the Program of assessment of students in the world at PISA on February 1 2017 in Moscow.


    The decisions made to visit Singapore, China and Korea were highly informative and vastly useful. The ideas and experience discussed and shared were applicable in Russia.

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