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» » » Construction of grain terminal on the territory of Primorsky Krai
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  • Construction of grain terminal on the territory of Primorsky Krai
    The project provides the construction of the modern grain terminal with the production power of 3,5 million tons in the territory of Primorsky Krai.

    The project documents on the construction of grain terminal passed the examination of Public council on investments by the Governor of Primorsky Krai.

    The port that is located at center of the biggest potential flows of export and import of grain and bean crops in the world is the basis for the development of grain terminal.

    The largest importers are China which by 2022-2023 will import to 100 million tons of soy and 10-15 million tons of corn per year, Japan which imports 25 million tons per year, South Korea which imports 10 million tons per year.
    There is the potential to supply grain to Siberia and Kazakhstan in the volume of 50 million tons per year in a long-term perspective.
    According to Japanese corporations, they are ready to import up to 1,5 million tons of grain a year from grain terminal in the south of Primorsky Kra ialready nowadays with the further potential of operations in the world market of grain on the volume of at least 5 million tons per year.

    The terminal is located on the bank of the water area of Ussuri Bay which bound, but do not enter the boundaries of Vladivostok seaport approved by the oerder of the Government of the Russian Federation of 04.09.2010 No.1462.

    The terrain of the territory is flat with the maximum height of 30 meters above sea level with the total area of 100 hectares.
    There is a single-line railroad running along the coast through the platform of the grain terminal.

    The average height of the railroad above sea level is about 12 meters, the minimum distance from the gulf is 25 meters.
    All territory is free from sanitary zones. The transfer of buildings, premises and other constructions is not required.
    The distance to the nearest station of the Trans-Siberian Railway is 23 km.
    Considerable expenses and difficult engineering constructions are not expected.
    Strengths of the project:
    - Convinient territory for the project development with a flat relief;
    - Convinient location next to the water area protected from strong winds, typhoons, tsunami and currents;
    - Convinient depths of the water area, principal canal is up to 32 meters deep;
    - Close location to the Trans-Siberian Railway and main highways;
    - Close location to network connection nodes of electric power and natural gas;
    - Availability of highly qualified working reserves;
    - Location in the region with considerable volumes of import of leguminous cultures (soy, corn, wheat) tending to increase in volumes.

    Financial indicators of the project:
    - Revenue a year (2027) - 4466,8 million rubles;
    - Net profit a year (2027) - 3299,4 million rubles;
    - Tax payments (2017-2027) - only 896,8 million rubles;
    - Net current value (NPV) - 1372,2 million rubles;
    - Internal rate of profitability (IRR) - 37,3%
    The total cost of the project implementation is 6641 million rubles.
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