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» » » Construction of plant on deep processing of soy in the territory of Tyumen region
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  • Construction of plant on deep processing of soy in the territory of Tyumen region
    The project provides for the expansion of the existing businesses and the construction of a new soybean processing plant.
    The main objectives of the project:
    - Creation of a vertically integrated enterprise for the production of deeply processed soybeans for food and non-food purposes using modern production technologies;
    - Obtaining a competitive product with the lowest cost and the best consumer qualities.
    Implementation of the soybean processing project is planned in Yalutorovsk city in Tyumen region where are all the necessary communications and access to railways on the territory for the project implementation, as well as a construction area of 750 square meters.
    The initiator of the project has a long-term contractual relationship for the supply of full-fat soybean with many large agricultural enterprises of Tyumen region.

    The Indian company United Engineering Corporation was chosen as the equipment supplier by the initiator.
    The initiator of the project owns a specialized elevator economy located in Amur region, which includes: the land plot with the area of 3.2 hectares leased for 49 years; the production building with the area of 145.5 square meters, warehouses with the total area of 4 739.8 square meters, the access to railway road and production equipment.
    In addition, the initiator has assets in Tyumen region, which include the land plot with a total area of 3,000 hectares in Berdyuzhsky district of Tyumen region, as well as agricultural machinery.
    The total value of the assets in Amur and Tyumen regions is 300 million rubles.
    The cost of the project is 525.4 million rubles.

    Main financial indicators of the project:
    - Period of calculation of indicators of the project - 60 months;
    - Discount rate - 15%;
    - Payback period - 29 months;
    - Discounted payback period - 35 months;
    - Average rate of return - 62%;
    - Net present value - 384 million;
    - Internal rate of return - 40.2%.
    The amount of contributions to the budget system of the Russian Federation is 50 million roubles.
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