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» » » Development of production of turkey meat in the territory of Tula region
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  • Development of production of turkey meat in the territory of Tula region
    The project provides the expansion of the existing business on the territory of Kurkinsky district of Tula region.
    The project is aimed at the development of industrial poultry farming in Tula region. It is focused on facilitating of turkey meat production in order to replace imported products with local products, as well as to improve the quality and reduce the cost of production of turkey meat.
    The land plot with the total area of 110 hectares used for the implementation of the project is owned by the initiator.
    Currently, the site has a working slaughter workshop and processing plant, while the initiator provides services to third-party organizations for slaughter and processing.
    The main task is to add slaughtering and processing of turkey with the capacity of 4,400 tons of end products per year.
    The enterprise is geographically located so that it is convenient to deliver end products to many large cities of the Central Federal District.
    Strengths of the project:
    - Geographical location;
    - Differentiation of cultivation sites with processing complex;
    - Support of regional authorities;
    - Support of endoecological association of Russia.
    Large cities are the most attractive and promising consumers (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga, Tula, Ryazan).
    Currently, the initiator of the project has invested 240 million rubles.
    The need for additional financing of the project is 600 million rubles.
    The indicators of project efficiency:
    - Simple payback period - 5.6 years;
    - Discounted payback period (PBP) - 6.5 years;
    - Internal rate of return (IRR) - 30.1%;
    - Discounted cost rate of return (PI) - 1.8 times;
    - Modified IRR (MIRR) - 24.6%.
    The initiator of the project has a supporting business, which provides for the sale of chemical products and has existed since 1997.
    Annual turnover of the initiator's supporting business amounts to 150 million rubles.
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