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The Patent System of Taxation
Only individual entrepreneurs can use this system of taxation. The Patent System is somehow similar with the Single Tax on Imputed Earnings: it is applicable only for definite types of activities and is used together with the General
The Single Tax on Imputed Earnings (STIE)
It is one more taxation regime which simplifies the life of businessmen. It is applied only to definite types of activities which are indicated in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation...
The Simplified Taxation System
It is one of the most widespread taxation systems among entrepreneurs-beginners. It is accessible and advantageous as you will pay only one tax of STS instead of three general taxes...
The General Taxation System
If you didnt file an application for appliance a special regime while registration, you will be registered with the General Taxation System automatically. This taxation regime is not always profitable, especially at the start stage
Selection of taxation system
Selection of taxation system is one of the challenges entrepreneurs-beginners face with. This decision should be well-considered as how many taxes will be paid and how often the accounts will be filed depends exactly on it...
How to set up a business.
Russian legislation grants the same rights on the issues of business activities realization to foreigners as to the Russian citizens. That is why a foreigner who stays in the country legally can start a business from scratch or just
How to set up your own business - detailed plan
The question of setting up your own business is of concern of many people who want to have a financial self-sufficiency. To set up your own business is a challenge but it becomes easier if you have a detailed plan of actions...
The General Partnership
The General Partnership is a partnership the participants (General Partners) of which run a business on behalf of the partnership and bear the subsidiary responsibility under its commitment on a joint and several liability basis in
The time constrains for filing annual accounts.
Now the annual bookkeeping (financial) accounts should be presented to the tax and regional statistical authorities three months after the termination of the reported year at the latest, i.e. on or prior to March, 31.
Audit repot is not a part of bookkeeping accounts too
Audit repot is not a part of bookkeeping accounts too. Nevertheless it doesnt cancel either the obligation to perform an audit for definite organizations or the obligation of these organizations to publish the audit report with the