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VAT rates
There are three main rates of VAT depending on the nature of the supply. The 0% rate applies, in particular, to the sale of goods exported outside the Russian Federation. The 0% rate also applies to a list of services which includes,
Tax incentives: social insurance concessions and others
In recent years, few tax incentives have been available in Russia, but that is now changing, partly due to the Russian government’s current modernisation agenda.
Russia turns towards Asia for new trade flows
At the beginning of 2014, Russia’s total trade with Asia reached US$144.4 billion, catching up to second place behind Russia’s trade with Europe and the UK which stood at US$318.2 billion.
Highlights of investment projects into Russia 2014-2015
Investment projects into Russia from September 2014 to March 2015
Foreign personnel: employment restrictions
The regulation of employing foreign employees is based on imposing certain rules with respect to each category of foreign citizen.
Current sectoral opportunities in Russia
Potential food trade as Singapore is unaffected by Russia’s import ban.
Russia: holding under pressure
Economic reforms in Russia had been an ongoing process. Russia had since been working to improve its business environment for several years. Russian Asian Business Union.
Overview of Key Business Sectors
Aerospace, E-Government, Townships and Furniture
Bilateral Collaborations between Singapore and Russia
Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, Economic Cooperation in SEZs and Inter-governmental Commission
Mining taxation
This article relates to taxpayers engaged in the extraction of minerals other than oil and gas.