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Future of the Russian O&G industry
Russia is going to spend up to USD 400 bln to explore and produce offshore O&G in the Arctic over the next 20-25 years
The recognition of PE of foreign companies in Russia
A foreign legal entity (FLE) that conducts business activities in Russia through a "separate division", a term which includes representative offices, branches, construction sites and other places of business, for a period exceeding 30
Tax incentives: regional incentives
In recent years, few tax incentives have been available in Russia, but that is now changing, partly due to the Russian governments current modernisation agenda.
Overview of Russias Oil & Gas sector
Russia is the world's 3rd biggest oil producer after US and Saudi Arabia and the 2nd largest energy producing nation in the world after US. Russia has almost 103.2 thousand million barrels of proved oil reserves at the end of 2014
Work visas and work permits
Before a foreign national can work in Russia as an employee, both a work visa (except "visa-free nationals) and a work permit must be obtained.
The recognition of foreign companies as Russian tax residents
Starting from 1 January 2015 a foreign organisation may be recognized as a Russian tax resident if, in particular, any of the following criteria are met.
Entering the Russian marketplace: opportunities for Asian countries
Russia pays heed to maintain diverse economic ties with the world, instead of focusing only on its neighbouring European markets.
Alcohol products licensing
Licensing of alcohol products distribution is the main measure of State monitoring in the sphere of alcohol production and distribution on the consumer market of the country...
The information indicated in the application form for getting a license
Licensing is made by special licensing authorities which have obtained accreditation for carrying out the necessary procedures with further issuing authorization documents...
Everything about licensing
The mandatory measures on the licensing of certain activities carried out by individual entrepreneurs or legal entities were assumed in the Russian Federation to protect the rights and legitimate interests...