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Presentation of bookkeeping and tax accounts
Include the set of documents which show the data on the processing operations and tax remissions by natural persons, individual entrepreneurs and companies.
Singapore Russian relations
Russian Singapore relations. The accumulated positive potential in Russia-Singapore relations has made it possible to further expand and intensify them in the course of the last few years.
Russia in figures
All important figures about Russia
Import customs procedures in Russia
Impost goods in Russia.The Customs declaration can be made by the informant of a company that comes under Russian law and sent to the Customs office where this company has previously been registered. A company exporting to Russia
Legal entities in Russia
Direct sales: in case you have already established company with unique products or technologies with good demand and would like to sell it to Russia. Your presence here is not required. You can just find as many Russian based buyers
Tax system in Russia
Taxes in Russia.Russian tax system is still complicated but rates are quite compatible. Federal Tax Service is working towards electronic methods of submitting your tax declarations. Nowadays more than 83% of all legal entities submit