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  • Alcohol products licensing
    Licensing of alcohol products distribution is the main measure of State monitoring in the sphere
    of alcohol production and distribution on the consumer market of the country.
    Alcohol products licensing is made in accordance with the Federal Law No.171-ФЗ of
    November 22, 1995 (as amended on December 30, 2012) “On Government regulation of
    production and distribution of ethyl alcohol, alcohol and alcohol-containing products”.
    In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law, all types of activities connected with
    production and distribution of ethyl alcohol, alcohol and alcohol-containing products are to be
    licensed, except:
     Production and distribution of ethyl alcohol for pharmacopeial items;
     Retail sales of alcohol-containing products;
     Purchase of ethyl alcohol used as raw materials in producing alcohol and alcohol￾containing products as well as for technical purpose connected with the production.
    Licenses of alcohol products distribution are issued for the following activities:
     Production, storage and supply of ethyl alcohol including denatured alcohol;
     Production, storage and supply of produced food alcohol and alcohol-containing
     Storage of food alcohol, alcohol-containing products and ethyl alcohol;
     Storage, purchase and supply of alcohol and alcohol-containing products;
     Production, storage and supply of non-food alcohol-containing products;
     Retail sales of alcohol products;
     Transportation of ethyl alcohol, including denatured alcohol and non-packaged alcohol￾containing products with ethyl alcohol’s content not exceeding 25% of the finished
    products’ volume.
    The documents necessary for alcohol products licensing
    To get a license for production and distribution of alcohol and alcohol-containing products and
    ethyl alcohol, an applicant should file an application to the appropriate licensing authority and
    provide to the officials of the organization the set of necessary documents which includes:
     Copies of constitutional documents (Primary State Registration Number, Taxpayer
    Identification Number, etc.);
     Document confirming payment of State tax duty;
     Documents confirming the compliance of production and storage premises to all fire￾fighting and ecological safety requirements established by the legislation of the Russian
     Document confirming the technical competence of the laboratory on process and
    chemical inspection in the sphere of ethyl alcohol production;
     Declaration and certificates certifying the liability and quality of technical equipment;
     Official document confirming the presence of authorized capital at the applicant;
     The scheme of equipping all technical facilities with the necessary measuring tools for
    registering the concentration of ethyl alcohol in finished products; Calculation of capacity of technical equipment for alcohol products and ethyl alcohol
     Documents confirming the right of ownership for production and storage premises or
    legitimacy of their usage by rental means.
    All the documents filed to the authorized body for alcohol products licensing are registered in
    accordance with the procedure established by the law and are subject to the appropriate
    inspection. The decision on issuing a license is made no later than within 30 days after filing an
    application, the issued license is registered with the Unified Register. The validity period of a
    license for distribution of alcohol products can’t exceed 5 years from the date of its registration
    and issuing.
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