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  • Everything about licensing
    The mandatory measures on the licensing of certain activities carried out by individual
    entrepreneurs or legal entities were assumed in the Russian Federation to protect the rights and
    legitimate interests, health and lives of citizens, the environment and the subjects of cultural
    heritage as well as for the purpose of country safeguard.
    Licensing is a procedure of issuing appropriate licenses for a certain activity which is liable for
    compulsory licensing in accordance with the statutory instruments effective on the territory of
    Russia as well as of re-licensing, their suspension or revocation.
    License is called a special authorization document which gives entrepreneurs the right to carry
    out the work or to render services based on the licensing activities legally. A license can be
    issued by the authorized body both in hard copy or in electronic form signed with electronic seal.
    The main principles of licensing the activities in Russian are:
     provision the unity of economic territory in the Russian Federation;
     definition the licensing categories of activities in the Federal Law;
     description of the licensing procedure of definite activities in the Russian Federation by
    the Federal Laws;
     adoption of the list of compulsory requirements of licensing;
     availability and openness of information concerning licensing;
     non-admission of illegally collected payments from license applicants or their holders;
     observation of law while licensing.
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