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  • Types of licenses
    At present there are about 100 types of licensing on the territory of Russia. They are the
    categories of companies’ activities which need to be licensed.

    The types of licensing:
     Medical;
     Construction;
     Ecological;
     Fire-service;
     Pharmaceutical activities;
     Entrepreneurial activities;
     Enterprise;
     Company’s activities;
     Bank.
    The list of types of activities which require licensing is contained in Clause 1 Article 17 of the
    Federal Law “On licensing certain activities”.
    Each type of activity has its own Regulation on licensing which includes the body issuing the
    license and controlling the opportunities of license applicant to meet the licensing requirements
    and conditions.
    The Activities Licensing Act provides the necessary electronic register kept by the licensing
    body. In the register of licenses there must be indicated the data on the license registration, issue
    of the document conforming the presence of the license, as well as the grounds and the period of
    suspension and renewal of the license, the cancellation date, license termination date and other.
    The Federal Law on licensing certain activities also contains the list of activities on which the
    operation of this law does not apply. These are the audit activities licensing, the insurance
    activities licensing, alcohol licensing, security papers licensing, etc.
    Educational licensing has its own peculiarities established and regulated by the Federal Law on
    Licensing 2010. The Regulation on Licensing includes the procedure of state monitoring of the
    educational statutory and educational services’ quality compliance as well as the execution of the
    instructions on the rectifying violations discovered
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