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  • How to set up a business.
    Russian legislation grants the same rights on the issues of business activities realization to foreigners as to the Russian citizens. That is why a foreigner who stays in the country legally can start a business from scratch or just buy a ready-made business and take to its expansion. Of course, it is necessary to observe a number of bureaucratic procedures.

    Firstly, it is necessary to know that individual entrepreneurs (further – IE) are registered in accordance with the place of residence of future businessman in Russia. Put it simply, both foreigners and Russian citizens who want to be registered as IE should file an application to the tax authorities of the place of their residence in the Russian Federation. It means that you can get the status of IE only in the city where you are registered (i.e. have a “propiska”).

    Secondly, foreigners with temporary registration or migration registration won’t be able to be registered as IE. By the way, the same principle is applicable to the Russian citizens. Thus a person registered, for example, in Kaliningrad but de facto living in Samara, will not be able to be registered as IE in Samara region.

    So before drawing up a business plan for your future business and applying to the tax authorities, a foreigner should settle all legal issues concerning the status of his/her staying in Russia. According to the effective laws, to become an IE is possible only for foreigners who have the documents confirming the right for long-term staying in the Russian Federation. What is meant here is Residence permit (further – RP) or Temporary residence permit (further – TRP). Such document is the passport of a foreigner with the stamp of indicated place of residence made by immigration service. Except the passport with abovementioned stamp you will need the notarized translation into Russian of your passport. Private legal companies without which you will not go in this situation will help you to prepare other documents which are required by the tax authorities.

    As it follows from the abovementioned, to become an individual entrepreneur in Russia is possible only for those foreigners who have Residence permit or Temporary residence permit. However it doesn’t mean that people without such status can’t run a business in Russia. If registration as IE is impossible, you can take the other way and create a legal entity for business activities realization, in particular LTD. Absolutely any foreign citizen can become a founder of such a company. And it makes no difference whether he/she has Residence permit or Temporary residence permit or not. It is not even obligatory to be in the territory of Russia to register a legal entity. This procedure can be done remotely by using lawyers’ assistance.
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