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  • Overview of Key Business Sectors


    Key Sector Overview

    • Aerospace is one of the most developed manufacturing industries in Russia, with more than 250 enterprises and 400 thousand employees currently.
    • The Russian government is heavily involved in reinvigorating the industry after the loss of many enterprises and technologies since 1991.

    • The industry consolidation programme was implemented in the last decade with the creation of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), and significant funds are being pumped into the sector now.

    • Opportunities exist for foreign companies to provide expertise in civil aircraft manufacturing and other advanced aviation technologies. 


    Key Sector Overview

    • The rise in Internet penetration, rapid development of e-businesses and the increasing prevalence of infocomm technology in the everyday lives of Russian citizens have laid the foundation for introducing E-Government in Russia.

    • The Russian government has adopted a large-scale programme for E-Government implementation, planning to allocate several dozen billion dollars for this purpose within the decade.

    • Singapore’s expertise in this field is acknowledged by the Russian authorities and experts, thus opening doors for cooperation.


    Key Sector Overview

    •  Developing the infrastructure needed to cope with a rapidly increasing urban population is a problem that most Russian cities face today.

    •  Russian authorities have adopted programmes and allocated resources in an attempt to get rid of severe traffic jams, provide affordable housing and ensure energy efficiency. The most progressively-thinking Russian regional governments have established industrial parks, technoparks and IT townships in their territories.

    •  Singapore’s strong track record in these fields has generated interest from the Russian authorities and there are opportunities for potential cooperation.


    Key Sector Overview

    •  The size of the Russian furniture industry was conservatively estimated at US$7.5 billion in 2011 and is forecast to grow by 13-19% annually.

    •  Russia’s accession into the WTO in 2012 has led to parity in taxes of domestic and imported goods and the lowering of import duties, causing domestic furniture producers to lose their price competitiveness.

    •  The large number of planned hotel developments in Sochi due to the slew of international events due to take place in the near future also presents opportunities for Singapore contract furniture companies.

    Source: IE Singapore
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