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  • Getting an invitation to Russia.
    Do you want to invite a foreign citizen to Russia?

    To get a private visa with the help of Visa and Registration Office is rather difficult and can take a long period of time. The best variant for short-term visit is to enter Russia with a tourist visa and stay at a hotel or hostel.

    But there can also occur a lot of questions – how to get an invitation to Russia, how to choose the travel agency – the inviting party, whether it is expensive or not, how to get the original of the tourist invitation in your hands as soon as possible.

    How to choose the travel agency – the inviting party?

    • The company must be registered in the Federal Tourism Agency of the Russian Federation as it must have an official reference number. On the first your request the company must provide the valid tourism license.
    • The tourist invitation issued by the company must conform to requirements of the Russian laws.
    • The company must issue the invitation within the shortest time period (not exceeding 24 hours). If you are requested to apply for the invitation tomorrow or wait for the manager, this company issues invitations not directly but with the help of its partners which means you wastes your time and money.
    • The managers of the company should be qualified enough to answer all your questions including the question about migration registration.
    • The company should provide services of invitation delivery (by e-mail, fax, post or with the help of a courier).
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