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  • Travelling without a visa
    All foreign citizens who enter Russia need a visa, except:

    1. Passengers of cruise liners

    • If liner stays at port not more than 72 hours and the passengers return on board for the night.
    • If Saint Petersburg is the only port in the itinerary of the liner.
    • Passengers can leave the liner only as part of a group of an arranged tour.
    • A passenger can be prohibited to leave the liner if the validity period of his/her passport is expired or he/she has no tourist voucher from the inviting party.
    • Foreign citizens who don’t participate in the tour must get the Russian visa for getting the right to leave the port.
    • Passengers of liners can’t get the visa at port as the decision of issuing a visa is made by the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

    2. Citizens of the following countries:

    • Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine (CIS countries).
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro (if there are Invitation, Tourist voucher, the note "poslovno”).
    • China (for tourist groups from 5 people with the representative of the sending tourism agency included in the appropriate list), South Korea.
    • Antigua, Cuba (not exceeding 30 days).
    • Abkhazia, Angola, Bolivia, Brazil, Syria, Chile, the Philippines, Turkey, Thailand, Argentina, Venezuela, Israel, Guatemala (not exceeding 90 days).
    • Mongolia ( if available the supporting documents: the invitation of the Embassy or the Consulate, the invitation issued in accordance with the legislated form).

    3. Children under 16 years old

    • If a child is registered in the passport of his/her parents and travels accompanied by them.
    • If child’s name is not registered in the parents’/ foster parents’ passport or they don’t accompany him/her, the child must have a visa. In this case the parents must notarize the consent on travelling for the child.
    • When children and parents have different surnames, the birth certificate of the child must be enclosed.
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