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  • What is the Russian visa?
    What is the Russian visa?

    The Russian visa is a permit which confers the right on entering The Russian Federation and transit travel via the territory of the Russian Federation. The visa is in the form of fraud resistant endorsement in the passport, less often it is in the form of a stamp. Foreign citizens have the right to enter and to leave Russian only if they have a visa issued by the authorized governmental body.

    A visa includes the following information about a foreign citizen:

    • Name and surname
    • Date of birth
    • Sex
    • Nationality
    • Passport number
    • Visa issue date, period of validity, number of entries granted by visa
    • Granted period of stay in the Russian Federation
    • Purpose of travel
    • Data on the inviting party
    • Invitation number

    To get a visa you should:

    • Chose the necessary type of visa
    • Get the invitation to Russia
    • Examine the requirements of visa processing in the Russian Embassy of your country
    • Prepare the necessary package of documents
    • Get an appointment in the Embassy
    • Pay the consular fee
    • Check up the data when getting a visa

    ATTENTION! The consulate does not bear the responsibility for unstated mistakes and misprints in the content of the visa after the citizen leaves the resident country.

    Travelers should remember that:

    • The cost of visa (from 10$) depends on its type and the nationality of visa holder’s nationality. The cost of visa is specified by the international agreements between the Russian Federation and the resident country of the tourist.
    • If the tourist refuses from visa processing for any reason, the consular fee is not given back.
    • It takes around 14 days to issue a visa. The Consulate also offers the service of urgent visa processing at extra cost. It takes around 3 days to issue an express visa.
    • Children up to 16 years old who travel with their parents and the information about whom filled in the passport of their parent do not need a separate visa and invitation. If children travel with their own passports, it is necessary to get a visa for each of such a child. Children of minority age can travel only with exit permit from their parents certified by a notary public.
    • Passengers from cruise liners do not need the Russian visa if stay at a port does not exceed 72 hours.

    Visa does not guarantee entering the territory of the Russian Federation!
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