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  • In the Russian Consulate
    There are special requirements for documents processing in each Russian consulate that’s why before submission of documents a foreign citizen should learn in the nearest Russian Consulate the following information:

    • The necessary documents for visa processing;
    • The period of visa processing;
    • The amount of consular fee;
    • The payment method of the consular fee;
    • The type of documents submission (fax, copy, original);
    • Whether it is compulsory to submit documents for a visa by yourself or it is possible to submit them with the help of a courier or by post;
    • The work schedule of the Consulate: the hours of submission and issuance of documents (if you are going to submit documents by yourself or with the help of a courier);

    The documents should be submitted at least 14 days prior to the planned trip.
    If you need a visa to enter Russia, you are recommended to submit documents for a visa by yourself or to charge it to a reputable tourism agency.
    After getting a visa you should check the accuracy of the following data indicated in the visa: the number of your passport, name, surname and patronymic, the type of the visa, the validity period and the period within which you are allowed to stay in the Russian Federation. Committed in the visa mistakes can lead to undesirable effect – both while entering the Russian Federation or abroad.
    If the data indicated in the visa needs to be corrected, you should submit documents for a visa again.

    If there is a necessity, the Consulate of the Russian Federation has the right to appoint an interview for the candidate.
    Useful information:

    • During your visit to Russia you are recommended to have a copy of your passport, visa and invitation which constituted a ground for issuance your visa.
    • After crossing the border of Russia you should obey the Russian laws.
    • When coming to Russia you should register in the migration office at the place of stay.
    • All foreign citizens are recommended to follow the above-mentioned rules and instructions while being in the Russian Federation. If unexpected circumstances occur, you can request assistance in the diplomatic mission of your country.
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