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    Russia is the biggest country in the world with 144 million population. The Russian economy is the sixth largest economy of the world in terms of GDP. Russian domestic market is the 7th biggest in the world. Russia's extensive mineral and energy resources are the largest in the world, making it one of the leading producers of oil and natural gas globally. Russia not only rich economically, but culturally and scientifically. Russia is at the crossroads of East and West, both geographically and from the viewpoint of economic characteristics. 

    Nowadays Russia is making an eastern turn, which provides a lot of business opportunities for Asian companies.


    Russia is a huge country with various possibilities for business. It has a massive potential entirely undiscovered. Russia has great quantity of profitable business areas:





    machine-tools and tooling, process and packaging equipment, rail transport means, airship manufacture, metallurgical plant, timber machining and/or processing, energy engineering

    Financial Services

    banking, consulting


    fixed line telecommunications, long distance telecommunications, broadband access, infrastructure, Internet security, Internet service provision, Internet access, Internet television, mobile handsets, 3G services, Wi-Fi technology, WiMAX


    offshore and subsea sectors, equipment supplies to both distributed power and grid power generation, advice and support on energy efficiency technologies and systems consultancy services for sector restructuring and emissions trading


    hubs such as Domodedovo, Sheremetievo, Vnukovo, Pulkovo are undergoing huge reconstruction projects


    services of civil engineering companies


    modernisation of port and wider transport infrastructure, creation of logistic centres and single window logistic systems, modernisation of a wide range of equipment used in ports and loading/unloading complexes including cranes, rubber tire gantry, rail mounted gantry, loaders, trailers, container equipment, platforms, navigation and control equipment

    Jewellery and Hard stones

    add-value jewellery, tableware, business souvenirs


    though the sector is not easy to enter, there are considerable opportunities in the sector of railway repair and maintenance and other related services


    components and substances necessary for drug production, advanced vaccine technology and anti retroviral, clinical trials


    confectionery, alcohol, soft drinks, snacks, gastronomy such as ready-to-serve products, basic cooking ingredients and sauces


    hi-tech equipment at competitive prices

    Along with the  wide possibilities for business often it is impossible to understand the way you have to act to open a company in Russia. What to start with, how to make everything correct and avoid the problems. We provide hands-on business support, management services and strategic advice to companies active on the Russian market.


    The most popular services among foreign clients are the following:

    1. Incorporation procedure (LLC or Representative office);

    2. Hiring of foreign employee;

    3. Due Diligence;

    4. Support services.

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