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» » » » New apartment buildings of bearing-wall construction; year built :70-90-es.
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  • New apartment buildings of bearing-wall construction; year built :70-90-es.
    In 1970-es the construction of large sectional buildings of 4th generation which were called "new panel” began. In comparison with the previous generation there appeared some improvements: the arrangement with kitchens the area of which starts from 9 sq.m., the room area started from 10 sq.m.

    In 137 and 121st series, the storey height increased up to 2.7 meters. If there were more than 9 floors in the building, 2 elevators were within the planned design, one of which is passenger, the other one is service (roomy), there was also designed a back stairs with the passage through the balconies.

    Some buildings of 80-es, as for example the ones of 528th series, had poor electric circuit wiring and it was impossible to increase electric power sufficiency; in 14-storeyed buildings water supply to high floors is poor, too. At present on the real estate market you can find this type of buildings which were constructed as dormitories in 80-es and still are the same.

    Buying a flat in such buildings is a challengeable bargain. It is very rare case to find such house in good condition. Well-tended and clean condition of the flat doesn’t mean that the neighbors look after their one in the same way. After privatization had begun, the responsibility of surface appearance, roofs, balconies condition lied on the shoulders of property owners who sometimes invest money to their own buildings irrationally and irresponsibly. You should pay attention to all this while examining the flat and inspecting its technical certificates.

    * Solid-cast apartment buildings of bearing-wall construction, year built: from the middle of 90-es to present day.

    They have solid-cast construct in their foundation, and exterior walls are built from building panels. The framing is constructed with the help of dismountable travelling shuttering which are concreted. Such technique allows constructing buildings without height limitation. Nowadays we observe modern solid-cast apartment building of bearing-wall construction the height of which is 20 storey or even more. One more advantageous side of monolithic construction is uncontrolled freedom regarding the arrangement alternatives even at the stage of construction that is why there are no standard flat arrangements and we can find diverse variants from studios to duplexes with ceiling height of 2.70-3.20 m.

    Advantages: Solid-cast building practically doesn’t have joints which provides good thermal and sound impermeability. However sound insulation is effective only for outside noise. i.e. exterior, and the noise from the neighbors making repairs is perfectly distributed within the monolithic building. The buildings constructed in accordance with this technique don’t look like identical series lined in a row – the finishing gives individuality to the buildings. In comparison with old buildings of bearing-wall construction, much purer materials are used in the modern technologies than it used to be 10 years ago; they don’t pose an ecological threat to people.

    Disadvantages: only big number of floors can be mentioned as a disadvantage, moreover it is understood like this not by everyone. While complex construction when the real estate developer covers all the bases of creation of recreational zones, parking areas and children’s playgrounds, this disadvantage is canceled out.

    There are no special recommendations while buying the buildings of this series. They are sold out both while being constructed and on the secondary housing market that’s why there is only one advice – check the condition of the flat attentively and choose a responsible developer if you buy a new-built apartment.
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