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» » » » Neo-classical Stalin-era buildings (“Stalinka”), year built: the middle of 30-es – 1960
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  • Neo-classical Stalin-era buildings (“Stalinka”), year built: the middle of 30-es – 1960
    "Stalinkas” or Stalin-era buildings are as a rule rather massive buildings made from clay building tiles or bricks, the first floor is high (bel etage). These buildings can’t be considered as типовая застройка – they are so diverse.

    There are 2 types of "Stalinkas” in Russian cities: elite ones which were built for party officials and common ones which resemble dormitories for workers.

    The peculiarities of this type of buildings: Stalin-era elite buildings have large wide stairs, there are from 2 to 4 flats on the stair case, as a rule these are flats with isolated rooms, the arrangement of the flats are suitable for family; they have isolated rooms, solid thick walls and well-built floors that’s why the buildings are very warm and have good thermal and sound insulation which sometimes is much better than in some new buildings. Ceiling height starts from 2.90 m, more often it exceeds 3 meters; such flats are of large area, kitchens start from 7 sq.m, kitchens in buildings made later reach 14 sq.m; "Stalinkas” have separate bathroom and toilet, also you can find there utility rooms (back regions of flats).

    Stalin-era common buildings have different kinds of arrangement, the most popular one is corridor system, lots of rooms, kitchens start from 4.5 sq.m, rooms are of small area. There are the whole squares of Stalin-era buildings in some Russian cities, you can find playgrounds for children and small park areas near these buildings Projected service life of Stalin-era buildings is from 125 to 150 years. If the building was reconstructed and floors and utility systems were changed, it can serve for 100 years more.

    Advantages: strong secure buildings with a good arrangement.

    Disadvantages: worn out utility systems, especially in the buildings which were not reconstructed.

    Recommendations while buying: "Stalinkas” are considered to be comfortable and elite buildings, that is why the cost of apartments is overvalued in comparison with standard series brick-built and bearing-wall buildings of mass built-up area. Taking into consideration all the advantages and service life of Stalin-era buildings, they can be said to be one of the best variants for buying. While buying you should pay special attention to the utility systems: ask whether any changes were made, examine their condition, inspect the area under the sink and bath as well as radiators.
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