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» » » » * Khrushchev-era apartments (“Khrushchevka”), year built: 1956-1985.
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  • * Khrushchev-era apartments (“Khrushchevka”), year built: 1956-1985.
    This type of buildings appeared in the period of Khrushchev’s government when the main idea about accommodation was "it is private for each family even though it is small”. It was the first type of buildings of mass built-up area.

    The peculiarities of this type of buildings: originally there were made brick-built (later pre-engineered mentioned below) buildings with small apartments, the floor area starts from 22 meters, kitchens are from 4.5 sq.m, combination bathroom. Ceiling height is just 2.48 – 2.60. The rooms in such flats are not big, from 6 to 9 meters, there were even so-called "mother-in-law’s” room – 4 meters and without widows. The most common apartments in "Khrushchevkas” are one-room and two-room flats. A lot of families got their own flats as about 300 million square meters were built. They were aimed at 25-year usage however in a lot of cities they are still being used even without reconstruction.

    Advantages: practically the only advantage of "Khrushchevkas” is their cost. In the real estate market the price for these flats is the cheapest one.

    Disadvantages: low ceiling height (however not everyone see it as a disadvantage), narrow stairs, small underground floors and attics. The acoustic isolation between two different flats is bad (in comparison with Stalin-era buildings), small area.

    Recommendations while buying: if you don’t have much money for buying property, there are practically no alternatives. You should pay special attention to the building itself and apartment, check whether there is no leakage, evaporations, foreign odors, fungus. It is vitally important to check whether there are no external breaches on the building which are the reason of foundation destruction. The good service of maintenance companies can be understood from pipe culverts and stair cages condition. If there are good neighbors, a flat in such a building can be a great and cost-effective bargain.
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