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  • Who can make a claim for municipal housing
    In accordance with the Russian Federation Code under the statutory procedure concerning the safeguards for the rights of people for municipal housing, since 2006 there have been instituted three categories of people who need housing improvements and have the right to get a flat.

    Who can make a claim for municipal housing?

    * People registered with the register in Russia at the period of 2005 for the purpose of housing improvements or getting a flat.

    * People who are officially instituted as the indigent and claiming for municipal housing in accordance with the priority in Russia.

    * People who are in urgent need of Government assistance of the Russian Federation concerning municipal housing supply; whereby there was developed a special program in accordance with regulations.

    The reform program of the Housing Code allows only indigent people who have constrained housing conditions to get a flat. As a rule, such reformation doesn’t focus on the privatization. Primarily this program takes into account the financial status of each of the citizen claiming for getting a flat.

    Proscriptions the municipal housing comes under.

    In accordance with the Code of the Russian Federation the municipal housing can’t be:

    * Sold

    * Changed

    * Rented

    * Bequeathed

    * Issued a deed of gift.
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